What Purpose Are Your People Driven By?

Who Is Running Your Factory?

Brian Hill
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  • “Every factory has thirty people that actually run the activities that go into making and delivering a product. Less than that number can lead to disfunctionality and departmental silos”. (C.P.)
  • This is a challenge to all General Managers and Leadership Teams of Pharmaceutical companies. All it entails is to ask a five (5) fundamental questions related to their factory. Then to reflect on what is found in the responses to those questions and see if this opens new ideas and opportunities that can maximize their organizations’ potential.
  • For all that actually try out this exercise I’d love to hear what new opportunities you discovered. Here are the questions; Enjoy!
  • Q1. Who are the thirty people that actually run your factory day-to-day e.g. who are those people that get things done?
  • Q2. How well are they doing?
  • Q3. How well have you given them purpose, equipped them, trained them, and developed them?
  • Q4. What do they think works within your factory, and what do they think does not work?
  • Q5. How predicable are your factory outcomes and outputs?
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